– Poem –

What does love mean
In a world where relativity
Is hold by Human Superior
Breathing anger, hate, as he will be the fittest
We are big, bigger
Yet not enough to be small
You think the world is not enough, wanting more
The truth is:
Even the most filtered water is not that bright
To catch a glimpse of what you are
What you aren’t
When looking into it, Narcissus as the hero of today

What does love mean
If you don’t see a meaning anymore
When coloring is more important than drawing,
And anxiety leaves us in the middle
Time passes, space bends in the direction of the greatest mass
The new Gods rise while supporting the end
Forcing the figures to lose their essence, until they became blind, we are blind
No longer capable to capture the transparent view
Of existence, we are slowly fading away

What does love mean
While the fire of the powerful,
Lit by the lack of an inner flame,
Condemns you to be or to make a pile of ash
Staying in between the lines can save you from the pyre, my friend!
So always remember this rule, swear compliance under oath,
In the game that cannot be won
Without losing the ability to hold close

What does love mean
By today’s standards, a world where you reach heaven
During the formation of the best hypocrite you can possibly be
It’s hard to choose, harder it will get
I am tired of looking in empty holes,
Filled with all the lost blood that only carries CO2, and wastes
That keeps cycling until it will ultimately be toxic
I drown … leaving the surface forever
Weak, am I? Strong enough to reject
Like you reject he, she and they

What does love mean
For me

Warmth that I couldn’t find
Safety that I never felt
Understanding that broke out of
The boundaries of my dream world
Human beauty, a term that I wanted to get deleted
From the dictionary, before I met
Unique you

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